Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Something Shiny

Remember way back in this post here when I said that Michael had gotten me something shiny.
Well, it finally got here!I have had my eye on this necklace for about 6 months now when one of my friends posted about it on Facebook.
The company is called the Vintage Pearl and they have so many different options that are all so charming (pun intended).
You can see all they have to offer here.
These are a few of my favorites:

They have unique styles:
A Heart for Africa
When you buy this one, a portion of the proceeds goes to mission work in Africa!

They have vintage styles:
Perfect for that special new mother in your life!

And they have simple styles:
Not the one Michael got me, but it could have worked!

Don't you love all of these? Yeah, I figured you would!
Lucky for you, my friend Kitty makes necklaces like this too! She sells them on her Etsy and she is doing a special deal right now. The first 2 people to buy one of her necklaces gets a free pair of earrings!
So hurry up! Check out her blog post here! And her Etsy here so that lucky person can be you! (Or just send the link to your boyfriend/fiance/husband and tell him to keep it in his inbox until he gets it for you!)

Happy Shopping!


  1. Haha what a great surprise! I was about to comment on how GORGEOUS that necklace is!!! LOVE IT! You're great :)

  2. Just tonight, I ordered necklaces for 2 of the girls' school teachers from VP! I love what I have from Vintage Pearl!

    This is what I got the teachers:

  3. That is so pretty Jacinda!! Their teachers are going to love it so much!


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