Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco de Mayo!

Don't these pictures just make you want to take a trip to Mexico? So beautiful!
Cinco de Mayo might be one of my favorite holidays.
Mostly because it is a good excuse to eat delicious Mexican food, and I will never turn down that opportunity.
Living in Houston has made me such a huge fan of Mexican food.
It's almost better than Italian in my book...almost.
Tonight Michael and I went to a great little place called Teotihuacan.
Its named after this structure in Mexico - thanks Google!
They have green sauce, amazing quesadillas, and they are located 1 mile from our house, so we go there often.
(If you live in Edmond/OKC and you want some green sauce, you should try Mama Roja. Also, their enchiladas and queso are to die for.)

Here are some pictures from our 5th of May dateOne large burrito!Green sauce - Yum-o!Every good date should end in ice cream!It was completely by accident that I wore red, white, and blue to celebrate with Mexico.
I promise!
Happy Cinco de Mayo!!

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  1. You would wear red, white, and blue. HAHA! Love you!


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