Monday, May 16, 2011

Senior Sunday

Yesterday was Senior Day at our church.
That means that we are BUSY!
Michael spent all week preparing for his sermon, and he did such a great job!
(I'm biased, I know, but other people told me he did good too)
He even got a few good laughs out of the crowd!
Then we showed the video (slideshow) of all the seniors that I worked on all Saturday.
Basically, I'm saying we had no life other than Senior Sunday this weekend, and so that is all I have to post about today.

Here is Michael handing out the Bibles to some of the seniors
And here is the Jersey Village church of Christ class of 2011!We only met them a month and a half ago, but I already love them all and am going to be so sad when they leave.
At least we have all summer together!

I'm so excited!
My mom has a conference here all week and my dad just came for fun!
Hopefully that will mean more exciting posts coming your way!

PS - How sad it is that I just found out 2 kids in our youth group aren't twins? We've been there for 6 weeks, and they have been lying to me the entire time.

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