Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Trouble with Netflix

Don't let that title fool you...
I love Netflix!
Michael and I decided to cancel our cable this past January (after OU football was over and I no longer "needed" it)
We like tv though, and so Netflix has been a lifesaver!My problem with it is that while it allows you to watch great shows like:
Arrested Development
Friday Night Lights
Parks and Recreation
Growing Pains
Drop Dead Diva (yep, I said it)
It also allows (forces) you to watch entire seasons of shows that you would have never watched, or ever wanted to watch, in the first place. But you give in just because Netflix thinks you will like it, and you don't like it. You actually hate it. But you can't stop watching it. And now you're halfway through season 1 so you might as well just find out how the other 4 seasons turn out!

Can you tell this has happened to me?
Multiple times.
Most recently I have fallen victim to
1) Giuliana and Bill (I know, it was bad!)
2) Secret Life of the American Teenager (Terrible. Bad acting. Drama. Predictable.)
3) GLEE (Offensive. Bad acting. Good singing sometimes though!)

Do any of you have Netflix?
What are some GOOD shows that I should watch?
Have you ever fallen victim to the suggestions of Netflix?

Now, to get my mind off of Netflix and onto my final...


  1. I saw one episode of Secret Life once, and it was TERRIBLE acting, but I couldn't look away! Haha.. Never watched another episode though.

    My favorite shows that are not reality shows (some of them are probably bad too, but I'm hooked!):

    Modern Family (duh)
    Brothers & Sisters
    Desperate Housewives
    Pretty Little Liars

    Love them! Judge me if you want..

  2. My problem has been movies more than television shows. Can anyone explain why I watched Problem Child 2 or Mortal Combat? No.

    However, one show Carrie and I are watching that we love is Parenthood. It's the only show that I watch right now.

  3. Hey they've got Pawn Stars, which is a great show. And Man vs. Food.... which is also awesome. I'd say just try one episode of each show, but then you mentioned how you got hooked and I'd rather not get someone addicted to television.

  4. Jeremy, can anyone explain why I watched a documentary about babies...definitely not!

    Rachel, we love Man vs Food! I think those shows would be safe to watch since they don't have a character story line. That's why I get hooked, I just want to find out what happens in the end! haha!

    Sister, we love Modern Family!! As for Desperate Housewives and Pretty Little Liars - Judged! haha!


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