Thursday, May 19, 2011

Random Thoughts Thursday

I'm declaring today to be Random Thoughts Thursday.
Mostly, because there are alot of things going on, but none of which would make a good blog post.
So, I'm compiling them into this one measly blog post.
Here we go!

1) I just found out that Austin Box, the starting linebacker for the OU Sooners was found dead.
He is from Enid. I went to elementary school with him.
I am not claiming to know him, but I'm asking that you pray for his family.

2) I'm interested in Pinterest-ing.
Somebody HOOK ME UP!
Please. and thank you!

3) I've added a little "pages" section to my blog!
I have only finished the "Our Story" page, but there will be more to come.
Check it out!

4) I love boyfriend shorts!
I bought 2 pairs yesterday. I am completely obsessed with them.
Its hard to find cute, comfortable, and most importantly MODEST shorts these days.
Boyfriends shorts are perfect.
Plus, I got them at LOFT Outlet, and their sizes run big so I was a full size smaller than usual!

5) Michael's sermon from this past Sunday is online.
You can listen to it here.

6) I drove my parents' car all over Houston yesterday and didn't get in a wreck!
This is an accomplishment.
I might have hit someone over Thanksgiving while they were here. Someone who didn't speak English (surprise, surprise).
I was only going 0.5 mph, but my mom freaked.
I was surprised she let me drive her at all this week. Not to mention drive her car!

7) We have real tv now!
Well, we have about 10 channels.
We bought bunny ears the other night so that we could get news channels and Modern Family.
Important stuff like that.

8) I have no pictures from my time with my parents yet.
I'm a bad blogger, I know.
Here is one from the last time they visited, during the Bedlam game.

I would love to know any random thoughts you are having today!
Leave a comment!


  1. So sad/crazy about Austin Box! Of course I don't know him so much either, but he was so young!

    What is Pinterest-ing?

    I can't believe mom let you drive either! She won't even let me drive there and I've never given her a reason not to trust me as a driver! Glad you got through it without any accidents though.. I wouldn't have been there to document the evidence for you!

  2. Duh- got you covered on pinterest!!!

  3. Kitty - You are the BEST!!!

    Sister - I can't believe it about Austin either. Crazy!
    Pinterest is a website where you can "pin" your "interests". When you find something online that you like, you pin the website, label it, and it organizes them for you. So you can keep track of crafts, or decor ideas, or style ideas, all from the same site. Get it?

  4. Brittany, I have pinterest and feel like the only person alive who can't actually figure how how to pin things! So when you figure it out if you could clue me in I would love it:)

  5. Yes! I will help you! Look for an email. And add me on there, I couldn't find you. Miss you friend!

  6. Thank you so much! I'm excited to start using it:) I miss you too! I hope everything is going great!!


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