Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Update

I guess its about time for my first outfit post.
I have been loving this Ann Taylor Loft outfit for awhile now.
It was one of my first pins on Pinterest (thanks again Kitty!!)
And so I decided to try to recreate it.
Here it is!What do you think?
Don't judge it based on my modeling abilities though.
I have no skills.

In other news:
My parents were here this past week for my mom's conference and this weekend we got to go around the town a little bit!
The weekend consisted of LOTS of Mexican food
After all the food, we went to IKEA!!
Where I instantly fell in love with this picture wall.And these little hanging buckets!
Aren't they adorable?My mom and I can't spend a weekend together and not go to a Christmas store.
We spent the rest of the afternoon at the really windy Kemah Boardwalk!
It was so great to spend the week with my parents!
Visits from family make it a little easier to live so far away from them!
And this coming weekend, Michael's parents are coming to stay with us!

Happy Monday!
(When I'm out of school, Mondays might be one of my favorite days of the week!)


  1. Love that look- you really nailed it! (Glad to see you will be pinning! Love your pins so far! I'm addicted lol)

  2. Love Christmas stores, but a little disappointed with the May selection.

  3. Also, so great to spend time with you and Michael. LOVE YOU GUYS!

  4. Thanks Kitty! You're so sweet!

    Love you too Mom!!


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