Friday, May 13, 2011

Couch Potato

Here it is - my first before and after post!
I'll warn you though, its a pretty long journey to the end.

3 years ago, as Michael and I were preparing to get married, we found out that his parents had lots of furniture that they had been saving for us!
What a blessing!
Being the early twenties, first real job, and college student that we were - we were poor.
And our living room would have consisted of lawn chairs and a disk chair (c/o Uncle Jimmy)
I can't find a picture of our first apartment's living room, but if you just picture very boring walls, no lighting, and gray uncomfortable carpet - you've got it.
Thanks OC!

Here is a picture of the apartment we lived in the first year we were in Houston.
There are a few things wrong with this picture.
1) We used slip covers (remember the ugly couch here...that's why!) However they only looked like this for about 20 seconds after we put them on. After that, there was no hope.
2) Those curtains. I liked them at first, but my how times have changed. I despise those curtains.

Here is a picture of the living room in the rent house we live in now.And the ugly, hand-me down couchAs you can see, we got rid of the slip covers.
A bit of advice - Never use slip covers...NEVER!
Run from them as fast as you can!
We took them off to wash them about 3 months ago and never put them back on because we were so tired of them.
We had been wanting to get new couches for awhile now.
Though our couches were great in the beginning, they had seen better days.
(They were Michael's Aunt and Uncle's, then his sister Krista's, and then ours)
Look how worn the cushions are.
Also, one of the legs breaks off if you sit down too hard! haha!
Its a little funny to watch when people don't know.

Once tax-return time came around, we decided it was time to get new couches!
I knew the style I wanted and the color, but that was about it.
I went to Dream Town Mattress and Furniture in Katy (a business that some friends from Memorial own/operate) and they made it so easy for me!
See knew exactly what to get us and we absolutely love them!!

Here is the new loveseatAnd the new view of the living room
(I can't wait for the day when we have our own house and can paint the walls a color other than white)

We're almost done - I promise!
Remember those terrible, horrible curtains I told you about?
Well, I had a little freak out a few weeks ago and just ripped them off the walls and threw them away.
Michael was baffled.
The house we live in has small windows with dark screens.
When you add those thick, sunlight blocking curtains, we were essentially living in a cave.
I couldn't stand it.
The rods stayed up there with nothing on them for about 2 months before I found these new curtains.They are light. And colorful. And they allow sunlight to come through. And they are PERFECT.

And now, our living room is pretty much complete!
I wanted you to see the couches with the curtains so here is my attempt.No, I did not get off the couch to take this picture because 1) I am too lazy and 2) these couches are SOOOO comfortable I don't think I will ever get up!
I'm officially going to be a couch potato.

(Please ignore our dining room table...its my work station for the time being)

So, what do you think?
Here is the before one more time
And the after!I could not be happier!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!


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