Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mini Me

4 years ago I moved to Houston for the Summer and lived with the Sawyer family.
They had a 15 year old daughter.
She thought I was weird for having lots of pictures of my boyfriend.
She liked to hide in my room and scare me when I got home.
And she LOVED to eat cookie dough straight from the bucket (who doesn't?)
What I didn't know was that I was living with a miniature me!
Here's a little recap of the past 4 years with Claire.

We both love to relive our childhood - this time via chalk drawings
We both love holidays and baking funfetti cupcakes!We both love costumes! And being queens.
She was in my wedding - duh!We are both Divas. And we don't hate it.We sometimes look like twins, and most the time look like sisters.And today proved that even more!
I opened my door to find that we were basically wearing the same outfit!I'm sure this is not the last time something like this will happen.
We are literally the same person!
I'm so glad that I got to spend ALL DAY with her today!
And, I'm even happier that she is in Houston for the whole summer so I can hang out with her all I want!

PS - Check back tomorrow for some big news!


  1. Love you sooo much! Thanks for being the older sister/twin that I never had! I'm so excited we get to spend the summer together! Love you! Thanks for hosting me all day!

  2. The outfit thing really is crazy.. The shirts even look like the same material! They both look great!


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