Monday, July 1, 2013

Shoe Doctor

I have a favorite pair of shoes.
I found them one perfect day at TJ Maxx, and they were the perfect fit.
I wear them all the time.
To work.
To church.
To fancy dates with my favorite guy.
Since I wear them so much, they were in pretty rough shape.
I don't even know what happened, but the heel was all scratched up.
I took them to the shoe doctor last week, and he couldn't fix them because he didn't have the right color.
So I was pretty sure that I would be buying new ones.
That is, until I came across this pin that I had saved a while back.
 I followed her tutorial exactly, and it worked perfectly!
You can find the tutorial here.
It was so simple, and took no time at all.
Yes, they still look well-loved,
but until Michael breaks down and buys me the nude Louboutins that I really want, I've got to stick with these.
Plus, now they are all glammed up and ready for Vegas!

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