Friday, July 19, 2013


That was the official hashtag of our trip to Vegas.
Claire and I spent more time than I'd like to admit coming up with something clever,
and after 1 day with us, Sarah came up with this gem.
Diva Las Vegas.
Absolutely perfect!

Sunday was our last full day in Las Vegas.
We woke up and started the day with a devotional by Sarah and communion.
Laurie, Claire, and myself are just convinced that Sarah is the next Beth Moore.
She has such a skill for taking the simplest of ideas, and making them extraordinary and Spirit-filled.
I can't wait to see all that God does in her life!

Next, us girls were off to the pool, and Laurie went to get us tickets to the Jubilee.
The craziest thing happened while we were at the pool - it started raining.
I thought it didn't rain in Vegas, its the desert after all.
Apparently, the storm was bad enough that they had to close down the pool.
We were starving, so we walked a little ways through the mall to the most delicious, and low-cost might I add, restaurant.
Our order started out as only a pizza to share, 
and by the time we left we'd basically ordered one of everything on the menu!
And it was so good!
All of it!
Then it was back to the pool, to spend some more time in our cabana.
It's a rough life.
Claire's Dad, Steve, treated us to the Jubilee show that night, but it didn't start until 9:00,
so we had plenty of time to get ready and eat dinner.
We even managed to fit in a photoshoot.
Our hotel room windows were just begging to be a back drop.
At first we just wanted pictures with as as shadows, but when the camera accidentally flashed, 
we decided that we liked those too!
We walked over to the Paris Hotel for dinner where we ate slowly, and talked a bunch.
There was still a bit of time before the show, so we shopped a bit, 
and of course took more pictures.
You can never have too many pictures.
Especially when you're dressed all swanky in Vegas.
^ The most beautiful Parisian Bathroom
^ A fancy little dressing room
Finally, it was time for our show, the Las Vegas Jubilee!
We were so excited for the show, and to see Julie in show!
After we had taken our seats I saw one of the Ushers move the girls behind us to a closer view.
I was a little jealous of their upgrade, but before we knew it he came to get us.
He took us all the way to the front, to the cabaret tables.
It was awesome!
We spotted Julie (and I mean all of Julie) right away since she had a solo in the opening.
We waved as she had instructed, and she gave us the most adorable head nod - so perfect.
Let me warn you though:
This show is not for the faint of heart...
or supporters of all things conservative and modest.
Cause there was quite a bit of nudity.
We were a little surprised, but had a great time laughing about it later, especially at the lack of costumes for the show-boys. ;)
And really, the show is very classy in the way it showcases the girls, so the nudity was not unbearable.
The costumes and sets and dances were just incredible!
We really did love every minute, and I am so appreciate to Steve for his generosity.
We ended the night with some dessert at Sugar, a celebrity-favorite candy store.
I was not about to spend $25 on their famous lollipop, and decided on gellato instead.
It was the perfect last night of our trip:
^ Night view of the Paris and Arc de Triomphe

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