Friday, July 19, 2013

Goodbye Las Vegas

Our last day in Vegas started with an early trip to the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign.
Lucky for us, there was a guy there who's job is to take people's picture.
He was wonderful!
He made us do all sorts of different poses, and didn't want to charge us at all.
Of course, I was most excited about the Elvis impersonator.
I didn't get a picture with one in December when Michael and I came, 
so I really wanted one with him this time.
He was wonderful too!
He even serenaded Claire with Happy Birthday while we took video.
From there we took the taxi all the way down to the Venetian for breakfast.
I know I've mentioned before that I love the Venetian.
It really is so much like actually being in Venice.
After breakfast, I continued my search for the Wheel of Fortune game.
I had been looking for it all weekend.
A friend had mentioned it to me a couple months ago, and I just assumed that it was like the real show.
But every time we found a game with a big Wheel of Fortune was slots.
I finally just asked a casino attendant, who told me there was no such thing.
She did say that Pat and Vanna would be there in 3 weeks for live filming - I would love to be there for that! (Mom, you with me?)
Since there was no Wheel of Fortune, we decided to play Sex and the City.
It was so fun! 
It was slots, but then you could win bonus rounds where it was like a video game on a big screen above you.
I put in $5, and at one point I had it up to $25!
I ended up walking away with $20.20, and I was thrilled!
Sarah was next and after she put in $5, she walked away with $10.
Last, Claire gave me $5 to play for her.
She instructed me on which buttons to push, and she walked away with $0.
I told her that the gambling gods knew she wasn't of legal age yet. ;)
The rest of the morning was spent exploring the Venetian hotel, shopping, and eating.
Once we had seen all there is to see at the Venetian, 
we headed back to our hotel to catch a shuttle to the airport.
Our plane didn't land until after 11:00p, Houston time so we were all a little tired and hungry,
and I was ready to see Michael!
 ^ On the plane ride home!

I know I have said it in every post about this trip, 
but I am so thankful to the Sawyers for this gift of a trip.
I will forever cherish the memories made with this amazing group of girls.
We laughed a lot, we cried a little, and we loved every single second!
I am blessed beyond belief to have such amazing friends and support here in Houston.
They are beautiful inside and out, and a true treasure from God!


  1. I would LOVE to try out for Wheel! I'm thinking of going the next time they are in OKC. I also would love to go to Vegas with you. Maybe you, Bailey and I should have a girls weekend some time.

    1. You definitely need to try out for Wheel! I don't know why you haven't already!
      You would kill everyone!!

  2. But I want to go to Vegas in February, not in July. Been there, done that (twice) and it is toooooo hot!

    1. I will take a weekend with you and Bailey anytime, anywhere!


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