Monday, July 15, 2013

The Reason for the Trip - Celine Dion

Our third day in Las Vegas was packed full of activities.
Its hard to say which day was my favorite because they were all so perfect,
but if I could choose a favorite, this one just might take the cake.
We started the day with a surprise from Claire - a backstage tour of the Las Vegas Jubilee!
I had asked Michael to see this show when we were in Vegas, but he said no.
Understandably, as we would soon find out.
It is the only remaining traditional Vegas Showgirl show, which is why I wanted to see it.
Our tour guide eve said: "When you think of Vegas, you think of showgirls!"
As you can imagine, I was ecstatic when Claire told us about the tour!
And it went WAY beyond my expectations!
First, our tour guide was absolutely perfect!
Her name is Julie, and she is one of the Principals of the Jubilee.
We weren't allowed to take pictures of the costumes (bummer, I know) but here are some that I got during the tour.
The iceberg and wooden staircase are both part of the Sinking of the Titanic.
If you look closely in the top right picture, you can see the silver stair case that the girls come down in the finale. 
Those are what I think of when I think of Showgirls!
We really had no plans to see the show, but Julie made it sound so incredible that we bought tickets for the following night.
Plus, she told us all of her solos, and we were very excited to see her and cheer for her.
It was an incredible tour with so much to see - 
Lots of feathers, thousands of rhinestones, amazing sets, and beautiful costumes.
If you are in Vegas (especially with a group of girls) you should definitely take the tour!
Yes, Julie is very tall!
She is 6'1 without heels, and the minimum to be in the show is 5'8.
And no, she is not a man.
We know from experience that she is not a man, but more on that later.

Next we walked over to the Bellagio for lunch and to see the Conservatory.
I liked it better at Christmas, but it was still beautiful.
My favorite part was the little snail - I took way too many pictures of it!
 We spent some time shopping and looking around in the Bellagio, and then went outside to watch the fountain show.
By this time we had already seen it several times from our hotel room,
but it was neat to see them with the music that plays on the street.
Then, it was time to start getting ready for dinner and our show.
This was the night that we had come to Vegas for.
The show that Claire (and really all of us) had been waiting for so long to see.
This was night we got to see Celine Dion!!
All of us got dressed up fancy, and headed out to dinner in the Paris Hotel.
We ate at a delicious restaurant called Mon Ami Gabi.
Spent some time taking pictures in the hotel, 
and then walked (yep, I said it, walked) over to Caesar's Palace for the concert.
There was only one little glitch to the evening, and that was when they took my Nikon camera.
Flash photography is not allowed at any of the shows in Vegas,
but the Celine Dion show takes that a step further and makes you check your camera.
I had never done this before, so I was a little nervous - to say the least.
Just in case something happened, I took my camera card out, and kept it in my purse.
All turned out well though, and I got my own camera back after the concert.
*I did play a joke on the attendant though:
I told him it wasn't my camera when he handed it to me.
Panic flashed across his face until I said "Just kidding"
That's what they get for making me check it at all.
In our seats, ready for the show to start!
It was an incredible concert!
Celine was absolutely amazing!
My favorite thing about her show is just seeing how much energy and love she has for what she does.
She LOVES doing concerts.
And she really loves doing concerts in Las Vegas.
She sang all the songs you would want her to sing:
Power of Love
All By Myself
River Deep Mountain High
Its All Coming Back to Me Now
Beauty and the Beast
and she ended the show with My Heart Will Go On.
It was beyond words!
So incredible! 
I am so thankful to Laurie, Claire, and Steve for giving me this trip and the opportunity to see Celine Dion. It is a concert that I will never forget!

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