Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Seeing Green

Michael left for Wilderness Trek in Colorado last weekend, 
which left me lonely, bored, and alone for exactly 7 days.
I knew this was coming, so I made plans awhile back to paint while he is gone.
We have been living in this house for over 2 years, and it has been 'ours' for for half of that,
and thought it was about time I made it feel like ours.
So I picked up paint swatches, chose a color, and purchased all the tools.
*Sidenote: Paint is expensive!
I almost fell over at the register because I was in shock.
I taped everything early last week so that I was ready to go as soon as Michael left town.
I spent ALL of Friday painting, and by the end I was exhausted!
Here is the progression of paint.
A couple of things:
1 - Buster did not like that drop cloth!
He would walk so slow on it, and give me the funniest look the entire time.
2 - I realize you are not supposed to paint like this.
Unfortunately I found out that you're supposed to paint the length of an entire wall at once.
Oh well.
3 - These pictures are from my phone.
They make the paint look extremely lime, and its really not.
 This is more of the true color.
A greyish, greenish, olive color.
When I finished the hallway I kind of panicked a little bit.
Its a long hallway, and it was all green.
Very green.
Once I got the tape off and hung up a picture, I felt a lot better!
I'm definitely still getting used to the color, but it is growing on me fast.
The true test will come when Michael gets home and sees it.
However, if he has a problem with, he can change it himself because I am never painting that hallway again.
I was so sore on Saturday I could barely move.
And then I fell off a chair while taking the tape off, thought I cracked a rib, thought I was dying, and that no one would find me until Michael got home.
It was really depressing, and I'm sure there will be a bruise to prove it in a couple days.

- If I know you in real life, and you have any old picture frames you would like to get rid of, I would love to turn this hallway into a giant collage wall, so pass them on!

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  1. Looks great and I do have some old frames of Mama Faye's that Grandma Baird gave me. I will try to bring with me for our November Visit. Since we are flying, I won't have as much room, but I will work it out. Will you come help me paint some rooms? I will pay you and feed you!


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