Monday, July 29, 2013

She Said Yes

One of my best friends got engaged this past Saturday, 
and last night we threw her a little surprise party.
Saturday was also Claire's birthday, and that is the day he popped the question.
Her boyfriend fiance (Ahhh!) has been planning this for a while now,
and filled me and Michael in on the plan about 2 weeks ago.
I had so much fun planning the party with Sarah, and Claire's friend Ashlyn.
We wanted it to be absolutely perfect for our little Claire!
^ These cupcakes were a challenge
And they were store bought.
I got to the bakery yesterday and not 1 cupcake was made correctly.
They were supposed to be all white cupcakes, with white icing.
1 dozen were supposed to have mint writing that said "She Said Yes" on each cupcake,
and the other dozen were supposed to have white icing with pearls that we would later put a ring on.
1) The cupcakes have green icing
2) They made them half white, half chocolate cupcakes
3) The ones that had writing, had one letter on each cupcake
I decided I was okay with the green icing, but everything else need to be fixed.
The bakery people were so sweet, and fixed it immediately though.
And, I'm fairly certain they gave me a great discount!
Plus, they taste delicious.

Claire and Trey finally got there, and boy was she surprised!
 ^I also love Trey's face!
After Claire got over the initial shock, they told us the story of how Trey proposed.
It was so fun hearing all the details, and the little things Trey did to trick Claire, and throw her off.
And he did good!
We spent the rest of the evening just talking, looking at pictures from the engagement and taking pictures together.
^ Checking out the ring
^ Telling the proposal story
^ a little engagement gift

It was such a special time celebrating with Claire and Trey, and seeing how happy all their friends are for them.
It is going to be a great year of planning and parties.
I am so excited to watch as this beautiful couple moves into marriage together!

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  1. So happy for Claire and Trey (even though I haven't met him). She will be a beautiful bride. Great pictures and decorations. Give her my love!


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