Tuesday, July 23, 2013

We Love Jesus, Yes We Do!

Today I was back to my work with the youth group.
Its been about 3 weeks since I have gotten to do much with the kids, and I have to say
I have missed them!
The activity today was the Luis Service Project - Random Acts of Kindness.
We started the day off making posters and writing encouragement cards,
then we were out in the community spreading Jesus.
Our first stop was Chic-fil-A, where we paid for people's meals.
Then, we went to Target and gave encouragement cards to the workers, and random customers.
You should've seen the smile on the Starbucks worker's face when she read the note from one of our 6th grade girls. 
It was priceless.
We had a quick break for lunch in the park, and I got to spend it with these kids.
 ^ Sweet new 6th Graders. I just love their hearts!
After a little bit of fun making videos in the park, it was time to hit the streets.
Literally, we stood on street corners.
^ My crew for the day
We held up signs, and waved, and got several people to honk at us.
I choose to believe that the honks meant they love Jesus too...
except for that one guy that flipped us off.
He may not love Jesus back.
^ Aren't they the sweetest
Since it was only 10,080 degrees outside, we made Sonic happy hour our next stop.
Unfortunately, Michael still made us clean out the buses when we got back to the church.
It was so lame.
And so hot.
All things considered though, it was a really great day.
I loved seeing these kids' hearts for God.
I hope they stay this way forever.

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