Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday's Five

1) Our new mailbox
Michael has been asking for a new mailbox for at least a year.
I looked them up online once and they were about $300, and I was not going to pay that.
Then, I just happened to walk down the mailbox aisle in Lowe's, and they were much cheaper, so I bought him one.
And our brother-in-law Jon helped him put it together while he was here.
We LOVE it!
It looks perfect with our house, and it is usually a race to see who gets to check it each day.

We grilled these for Memorial Day.
I found a great tutorial on YouTube, and another one for steakhouse baked potatoes.
Both were delicious.

3) Youth Group Photos
I take lots of photos at every event I go to, and put them on the youth group photo board.
We change it every May and August.
In May, we put up all the photos from the school year.
I went up to the church last week and spent the afternoon putting all the photos up.
It was so neat to come out of my Wednesday class and see them all huddled around trying to find pictures of themselves.

4) Fruit Pizza Bar
I had a jewelry party this past week and this was what I chose to serve as a snack.
It was SO easy, and delicious.
I have made fruit pizza with a giant sugar cookie, but thought this would be perfect for the party.
Thank you Pinterest for all your great ideas!

5) Snow Cones!
Got my first snow cone of summer yesterday and it was delicious!
Bahama Bucks just opened down the street from our house, and its probably going to get me in trouble.
I mean, they even have a drive through!
I'm seriously debating trying all the flavors that they offer.

This is the last weekend before Summer starts and we are going to be very busy.
Tonight we are taking our small group leaders out for a "thank you" dinner,
and tomorrow we are going with a group to Galveston for the Sand Castle Building Competition.
Then on Sunday we promote our new 6th Graders in to the youth group!!
It's almost officially summer!!

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