Friday, May 17, 2013

First to Finished

I still don't think that it has really hit me that I am done with school.
I will never have to write another paper, take another test, or read for a daily quiz.
I will never have to stress about getting an A.
I am finished!
Okay, maybe its starting to sink in.
With my graduation ceremony coming up this Sunday, I thought I would look back to my very first day of school - preschool.
Crimped side pony, lace socks, suspenders and all.
I was ready.
Little did I know that this was just the first day of 21 loooong years of schooling.
But now I am finished.
And it is a little sad.
I'm sure that sadness will pass quickly though,
and I will spend the weekend celebrating with my family!!

Happy Friday!!

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