Monday, May 27, 2013

Weekend Getaway

Last year Michael and I started the tradition of getting away together for a weekend before the crazy of Summer starts.
Last year we went to Galveston, but we wanted to do something different this time.
The only requirements:
1) A good pool
2) A good price
I think you know which one of us chose each of those. 
Anyways, we hadn't officially decided to take a trip this year, 
but on Thursday it was hot, and I really needed some pool time - and I don't mean neighborhood pool.
So I did some searching online and found a nice hotel, in a good part of town,
for really cheap.
So I booked it, and we left that night.
Before we could go to our hotel, we had to take Buster to his (the Petsmart Pet Hotel) and then we hit the the other side of Houston. Ha!
 We stayed at the hotel for 2 nights, and it was absolutely perfect.
Someone else cooked and cleaned for us.
We got to watch all the cable we wanted, which ended up being LOTS of HGTV, and Mean Girls.
*Random fact: Every time we are in a hotel we watch Mean Girls.
Its always on tv, and it never gets old.
And we spent almost all of Friday right here
The pool was small, and a little cold, but we were the only people out there the entire day!
 It was perfect.
After the day at the pool, and a nap, we went out to dinner.
Thanks to my handy Yelp! app, we found the most delicious restaurant.
 You know its fancy when you order diet coke, and they bring you a glass bottle of Coca Light!
And when I asked for flavored lemonade, the brought me lemonade mixed with pineapple juice
The restaurant is called Houston's, and we are already planning to go back.
Both of our dinners were so big, and we couldn't take left overs since we were at a hotel,
we decided to go somewhere else for dessert.
We were close to Rice Village, which has a great shopping area, so we went there and found the cutest dessert place.
It is called Sweet Paris Creperie,
and Oh. My. GOODNESS!
 It got the Just Nutella Ala Mode, and Michael got the Smores Crepe.
They were fantastic!
Bonus, the entire restaurant was decorated with a Paris theme - which I loved!

We ended the weekend with the Houston Symphony Pops show.
For the 2nd year in a row, a sweet couple from church gave us tickets for Memorial Weekend.
They have season tickets, and have been out of town the past 2 years, and so we have really lucked out!
The Houston Symphony is outstanding, and this year they played with the group Pink Martini.
The best part of the show was when they brought out their special guests:
The Von Trapp Family!
 No joke!
These kids are grandchildren of Kurt, and great grandchildren of Captain and Maria Von Trapp!
I was beyond excited!
And then they started singing Sound of Music songs and I was in Heaven.
They sang Lonely Goatherd, and then Edelweiss as an encore.
 They were amazing!!
 It was a wonderful weekend full of fun and relaxation.
Now, I think I can honestly say I am ready for Summer and all its crazy!!

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