Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday's Five

1) Birthday lunches
 Last week my birthday crew finally got to celebrate Helen's Birthday.
We ate a delicious cafe in Houston where the basil sauce was to die for.
 I'm so happy that I have these ladies as friends - what treasures!

2) Puppy
I'm just going to go ahead and predict that this little guy will always make it into the Friday Five posts.
He is just too cute!

3) I'm almost a GRADUATE!
9 days and I will be sporting this thing!
Hopefully sans a few of those wrinkles.

4) Tea Time
Tomorrow is the Junior Senior Mother Daughter Tea!
I am so excited!
The decorations are coming together, and the food is arriving.
And, best part...

5) My Mom is here!
We have already gotten our nails done and bought 4 pairs of shoes collectively.
I'd say the trip is already very successful!

Happy Friday to you!

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