Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother Daughter Weekend

Happy Mother's Day!
This weekend has been all about mothers so far (which is a good thing!)
Yesterday I held the Mother Daughter Tea for the Junior and Senior girls in our youth group and their mothers.
This is the 2nd year that I have done this, and I absolutely love it.
It is so much fun to decorate, prepare, and then spend time with all the ladies.
I even got my very own teapots to use this year.
I used most of the same decorations from last year, but added some more fabric bunting,
and changed up some of the table decorations.
My favorite part is the flowers. 
Fresh flowers make any party just a little bit fancy,
and of course, you can't have a tea party without hats.
We all had such a great time at the tea.
We ate DELICIOUS food, prepared by some of the ladies from our church.
We played some fun party games.
And we got to listen to my friend Apple and her Mom share about their experience when Apple moved to college, and how they kept their relationship strong.
This year's tea was extra special because I got to have my Mom there with me!
I am so happy that my Mom got to be here for the tea, and that she was here to help me.
I could not have done it without her, 
and it was just fun to have her here to share in the experience with me.

Today, we all went to church together and then we got to take my Mom out to lunch.
We only had to wait at Olive Garden for 45 minutes, 
so we had plenty of time for a little photo shoot.
I can't say enough how blessed I am to have her for a mother.
She is the perfect example of a Christian woman, 
and exudes all things that I hope to be one day to my own children.
I love you so much, Mom and am so happy that I still have a whole week with you here!

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