Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Let's Go!

I think that it is no secret that Michael and I like to travel.
We both went on study abroad programs in college, he even came to visit me on mine.
We sat through 4-hour timeshare talk just to win a free trip.
And anytime we get a tax return, we start looking at travel websites.
Since it has been such a big part of our relationship, I wanted to find a way to incorporate into our house.
Plus, I'm slightly obsessed with maps.
So, I bought this gigantic map, framed it, and put it in our breakfast room.
Then I found some straight pins in my sewing kit, and Michael and I marked the places that we have traveled to. 
Pink/Red = Brittany (I ran out of pinks)
Blue = Michael
Green = Places we have been together
Black = Places we have lived together
 I am so happy with the way that it turned out.
Now I just want to travel even more so that we can add more pins!
First up, Seattle and Portland in August!!


  1. I love this idea! Hopefully someday I will be able to travel with you guys and pin something!!

    1. Oh we will definitely travel together! Italy in 5 years, right??

  2. It looks awesome! What a great idea--and motivation to keep traveling.

    1. Thanks Mom!! And thanks for your help picking out the frame - its perfect!


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