Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fun with Oliver in Houston

Since we knew that the graduation ceremony was going to be pretty boring, 
and since almost all of the family was not able to be at Oliver's 5th birthday party in Oklahoma, 
we had a fun day + birthday party for him on Saturday. 
We started the day at the Houston Children's Museum,
We might have misread the opening time, which allowed us to have our own little photo shoot outside the museum.
Then, because of my Mom's connections, we got in to the museum completely free - including parking!
*She had only emailed to ask about a discount, or something like that and they rolled out the red carpet for us! We were so thankful, and had a blast!
This little guy was EXCITED!
 There was so much to see and do at the museum!
We were moving fast and having fun for a full 2 hours, and probably only saw about half of what they have to do there.
 As you can see, Oliver was definitely not the only one of us acting like a kid.
It was a lot of fun for all of us!
After the museum, we went to lunch and had a mini birthday party for Oliver.
There was no cake, no balloons, and no singing...
so we pretty much just had gifts and he was more than okay with that!
Michael and I love that little guy so much, and we are so glad that he got to come visit us in Texas!
He was pretty upset the morning that they all to go, 
and we were upset too!
Its just one of those times that we are reminded of why its not fun to live so far away from family.
Oliver says he is going to kindergarten in Texas though,
so I guess we will be seeing him again soon! ;)

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