Thursday, March 1, 2012

Review of February

I did it!!
I finished the February photo-a-day challenge.
I can't believe that I was able to stick with it remember every day.
Here is a recap of my pictures from the month:
Some of my favorites include:
Day 1: My view. It really was the perfect picture of a perfect moment.
Day 6: Dinner. I really do love having all these people in my house every week!!
Day 17: Time. I got a private concert from Gavan (aka Josh Groban) and it was incredible!!
- Day 19: Something you hate to do. I really do have saying good-bye to great friends, but I absolutely LOVE spending time with them!
The best thing about completing this challenge is being able to look back at all the pictures and think of some great memories.
Memories that I probably would not have even thought about taking a picture during the moment.
It really made me stop and think about what I was doing each day, 
and what I would want to remember later.
I hope that some of you will accept the challenge with me for March.
Also, if you are on Instagram, follow me: brittanyejohns8

Check out some other peoples photo-a-day recaps here starting March 5th
See ya never February...
or I guess, see ya next year!

*I was dumb and wrote this post before yesterday's post. That's why it seems a little repetitive and weird. Sorry! 


  1. Great photos. I like your collage style. Visiting from house of smiths link up.

  2. I love how your pictures all tell a story about that day. You've captured some great photos :)
    Thank you for linking up with us!
    Oh! And I LOVE how you did your collage! So creative. Great work!


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