Monday, March 12, 2012

Poor Little Red

Spring Break is really here!
How can I tell?
Well, mostly from the 20 girls I have staying at my house tonight for a sleepover!
Call me crazy, but I love sleepovers.
We do our nails.
We eat tons of really unhealthy but extremely delicious snacks.
We play Just Dance.
We watch movies.
The only bad thing is that I'm getting old.
Staying up until 7 in the morning is not as easy as it used to be.
More on that tomorrow though.

For now, I will catch you up on my photo-a-day challenge.
Day 8: Window
Buster and I spent our day just relaxing and watching the rain.
Day 9: Red
Here is Michael's little red Neon after it got in a fight.
 He (and Buster) are both okay.
Michael just ran out to deposit a check, and since Buster loves car rides - he took him too.
While driving through the parking lot, a lady t-boned (is that the word) him.
Michael was driving down the parking lot thru-street.
The lady was going down one of the lanes.
Its common sense that you stop at the end of the lane.
Unless you are this crazy lady, in which you decide to go about 20 when you get to the end.
Totally her fault.
Poor little red was undriveable (am I making up words here?)
And she will be in the shop for a while.
The best part is that Michael was wearing "house clothes" consisting of a girls' retreat shirt (neon green with flowers) small athletic shorts, socks, and flip flops.
And he had to stand outside for over an hour.
Poor guy!
Day 10: Loud
 When we are together, we are always laughing, always divas, and always loud.
Day 11: Someone I Talked to Today
We shopped, and ate, and cleaned, and talked today.
I just love days that I get to spend with him!

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