Monday, March 26, 2012

Sister Visit

This past week my sister and her boyfriend, Jon, came to visit us!
Jon was on Spring Break from school, and Bailey used some vacation days.
We had SO MUCH fun!
It was a week full of touring Houston,
(which we only seem to do when people are visiting us, which makes it even better)
playing video/board games,
and just catching up with each other.
I have to say though, sister and I have very different sleep schedules, 
so I was a extremely little tired while they were here, but luckily I stole a few naps.
It was well worth it though! 
 They got here on Tuesday evening 
and within 30 minutes Jon had figured out how to put the hutch on my desk!
I've only been trying to figure it out since July!
Wednesday, I took Bailey and Jon to the Galleria.
Jon was pretty impressed with the size of the mall,
but a little confused about why he was the only one in cowboy boots!
I guess the cowboys only come out for the rodeo here in Houston. Haha!
Next we went to the Williams Water Wall.
I had actually never been here, 
so it was a first for me in Houston too!
The weather was absolutely perfect, so after the wall we went to get cupcakes.
So yum!
Thursday, I had class :(
but Michael took Bailey and Jon to the Houston Holocaust Museum, 
and then to Lakewood, the biggest church in America.
Friday was our Galveston day.
Jon had never seen the ocean, so we did pretty much every touristy thing you can do.
1) We rode the ferry
 2) Went shopping on the Strand
3) Found a pirate ship
4) Spent the afternoon at the beach
Saturday, we got up and went to the Zoo.
It was a good thing we got their early, because it was packed!
After the zoo, we went to see the Hunger Games!!
It was so good!
I loved every minute of it!
It was one of the best book to movies I have ever seen!
We finished the weekend with dinner at Gringos.
However, Bailey refused to try to green sauce.
We had such a great time with Bailey and Jon this week!
We know how far of a drive it is, and how hard it is to get days off,
so we REALLY appreciate when our family takes time to come visit us.
It means so much, and we don't mind losing a little sleep because time with family means so much to us! 
Bailey and Jon - Thanks so much for coming to visit!
We love you guys and can't wait to see you again soon!!

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  1. 1) The crossed-out "extremely" made me laugh. If it's any consolation, I was pretty much dead every night when we played games because I'm so used to being in bed by AT LEAST 11!
    2) "Found a pirate ship" .. haha
    3) Whoa, sneaky! I didn't know you got a picture of us on the beach! Too bad the wind makes my backside look ENORMOUS lol.. but it's really cute!
    4) I think the picture of you and Mike on the towels is so cute!
    5) Buying the Hunger Games this week to start reading! ,and
    6) We had SO MUCH fun with you guys too. We're so glad that it worked out to get to spend so much time with the two of you.. We feel so blessed to have family like the two of you, and honestly, just to have FRIENDS like the two of you. Jonathan just can't stop talking about our visit! We will definitely have to not wait so long to plan a visit next time! LOVE YOU!


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