Monday, March 12, 2012

Send Off

Yesterday Michael and I went to send-offs for people going out of the country.
First, we went up to the church at 5:30am to send off a group from Sunset Church of Christ who are doing mission work in Honduras over Spring Break.
Two of the girls in the group were in the youth group this summer,
so it was great to see them and catch up a little...even though it was CRAZY early.
And second, we went to a going away party for Claire.
 Little Clairy left today for 2.5 months in Italy.
Which I guess means that she's not so little anymore!
Here are a few pictures from the party:
Sweetest Family! Love them so much!
Perfect Friends
The Michael twins
Precious Mother and Daughter
A little gift to Claire from us
Its a Bible.
Michael and I both have one that has our name, our trip and the date.
So we got Claire one that has Italy 2012 on it.
The best of friends!
I'm going to miss my little me so much the next couple of months!
I can't believe that she is really in another country right now.
I know that this trip is going to stretch her and grow her in so many ways,
and that she will come back different, more independent, and still completely diva.
Can't wait to read all about your adventures Claire!
 Love you so much my little mini me!!

1 comment:

  1. Love the picture of Buster looking out the window.. So adorable!

    Your words are accurate :)

    I was going to say how tall and lengthy and good you were looking in the picture of the three of you girls.. and then I noticed in the last picture that I think you're wearing heels. Ha! They look great though!


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