Sunday, March 18, 2012

Quick Trip

This weekend Michael and I took a very quick trip to Tulsa to meet our new niece, Kayley.
When I say quick - I mean super fast, blink and you miss it kind of trip!
We got there Thursday evening, and left Saturday morning.
It was fast.
And yes, we went to Quik Trip during our quick trip!
We were so excited to see all of our nieces.
 We love every second that we get to spend with them.
 I especially loved cuddling with the 1 month old, Kayley Elizabeth.
It was so weird to me that 5 years ago I was holding a one month old, Ashley!
I can't wait to see what Kayley will be like when she is her sisters' ages.
The girls absolutely LOVE their Uncle Mike.
Whether it is play time, or read the Bible time, they just love being with him. 
 It is so sweet to watch him playing with them and loving them.
On Thursday, we went out with Michael's parents and his grandmother to celebrate his birthday.
We went to El Chico, and it actually wasn't terrible.
Except for the time that Michael dumped a full glass of soda, and 2 cups of salsa all over my lap.
That actually was terrible.
On Friday, Michael and I spend the day with Krista, Emily, and Kayley at the mall.
Then we picked Ashley up from school and went to Toys R Us.
That night we all went to Incredible Pizza to celebrate both Michael and Emily's birthdays.
Kelsey even showed up for the party!!
I love that I get to see her when we are in Tulsa.
I just wish she would move to Houston already.
After Incredible Pizza we went back to the house to have cake and ice cream and Michael's green birthday punch.
Oh, and we watched every Whitney Houston music video ever created.
Now you're sorry you weren't there!
We ended the weekend with lunch at one of my favorites in Dallas.
Best fried pickles - EVER!
And really super good cheeseburgers and cheese fries!
Last but not least, this little guy was such a trooper while spending so many hours in the car.
It was a great weekend, but we are so glad to be home.
And in 2 days Bailey and Jon will be here with us!!!!!

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