Monday, March 5, 2012


This past weekend, Michael and I (and 18 teenagers) traveled to Oklahoma for a weekend at OC.
We have been going on this trip for 3 years now.
Our reason was, "We are going to Spring Sing no matter what, we might as well take kids with us!"
So we do.
And now 5 kids from Memorial will be OC Eagles next year! 
We're still working on the JV kids.
Not everyone who went with us this weekend is planning to go to OC, 
but we had such a blast with everyone that was there,
and they got to see a little piece of our lives, and the place that we both love so much.
Here is our group from this weekend, minus a couple bratty boys who didn't want to be in the photo, and Michael who is taking the picture.
(I say bratty from a place of love)
Michael left Thursday with the kids on the bus.
I had class Thursday night, so I flew down early Friday morning to meet them.
We went to chapel, did a tour, ate in the caf, and went to Pops.
All which are must-dos when on campus.
One of our students even won the Biology scholarship test!
So proud of her!
Michael and I also got to spend a little time with family over the weekend.
 Like always, my family came for the Spring Sing show
The show was as good as it always is!
I was pretty sure Gamma was going to win...not even biased.
Didn't work out though, and Michael's club, Chi, took the cup for the 3rd year in a row.
Here are most of our girls at the show.
On Saturday, we started the day off with an early lunch at Teds.
While the kids ate some delicious Mexican food, my family got to celebrate my parents' 30th anniversary
We even got to see these two guys for a little while.
I LOVE it when I get some nephew time!
After lunch, we went to the OKC Zoo, had dinner in Bricktown, and then ended the day with a devo at the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial
Boys with the only lions we saw that day
Baby giraffe!!
Just riding the elephants
Eagles forever
We ended the weekend with church at Memorial Road, 
which made me extremely sad to not be able to see all of the people we love and miss at Edmond,
but was a good experience for all the kids who have never been there.
It was a very busy weekend, and our time with friends and family seemed to fly by.
We love Oklahoma, and miss everyone there so much!


  1. Looove love that picture of Ben and Oliver! Too cute!

  2. So sad we didn't get to see you, but glad your weekend was so great. I told Mike that we need to take Noah and Katie to Spring Sing next year. I can't believe we haven't done that yet!


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