Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Where Did Spring Break Go?

I really think that Spring Break should be 2 weeks long.
The first week to do Spring Break type of things - aka everything but homework and other things you actually need to get done.
And a second week to do the stuff you were supposed to do but put off instead.
I feel so behind!
Things have been absolutely crazy with youth activities, road trips, car troubles...
I'm in stress mode.
But it will all be better tomorrow because my sister is coming to visit!
I'm so excited!
I wanted to do a quick post to catch up on my photo-a-day challenge, before I am too busy with Bailey and Jon. 
So here you go.
Day 14: Clouds
It was Wednesday, so I was at church
Day 15: Car
Michael's new car!!
(More on this in a later post!)
Day 16: Sunglasses
Just riding around Tulsa with little Miss Emily!
Day 17: Green
The worst part about living in the 'burbs' is that you have to keep your lawn looking good.
We got home from Tulsa and our yard looked awful.
Everyone else on the street had perfect lawns.
And we had to keep up...and get rid of the leaves we never raked.
Day 18: Corner of my Home
The coat rack corner.
Slash, the only piece of furniture in the entire room.
Day 19: Funny
I've hated on this movie forever.
I don't like Chris Farley.
I don't like messes.
Hence, I don't like this movie.
However, it actually was pretty funny.
The end!
Now, back to the school life.

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