Wednesday, March 14, 2012

No Sleep at the Sleepover

I had the girls sleepover on Monday night, 
and I think I am still recovering.
I just can't get enough sleep! 
Perhaps because I was awake for 26 hours.
Or perhaps my body knows that it is Spring Break, so it just wants to sleep all day every day.
The sleepover was so much fun though.
Like said we would...
We painted nails
 We played Rock Band and Just Dance
 We ate delicious snacks.
Day 12: Fork
We also played some pranks, which brings in many more forks
Our preacher mentioned that dishes were a woman's job this past Sunday,
so we gave him approximately 200 forks,
just to give him a little practice in cleaning up dishes.
It was perfect!
Some of the girls were also able to get the boys at the their sleepover with water balloons
because some youth minister accidentally got them all locked out of the church building.
It was also perfect!
Unfortunately there are no pictures.
And we definitely didn't get any sleep.
I am very proud of myself though because I stayed up the entire night (until 10:30am to be exact)
and I did not have ANY caffeine!
I haven't had any soda in a month and a half,
so all I drank was water.
I was actually less tired drinking water than I was at the lock-in when I was downing Diet Coke.
Day 13: Sign
These were left at my house after the sleepover so I took it as a sign that I should play them as much as possible before giving them back. 
Now, I think I need a nap.


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