Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Seattle By Foot

Our third day in Seattle was all about the tours.
We decided to stop for breakfast at the doughnut shop just a block from our hotel.
We sat outside to eat and found out that this is a place President Obama ate at when he visited Seattle during his first term. 
I don't really care much about Obama, but we still thought it was pretty cool.
The first item on our itinerary was the Seattle by Foot Coffee Crawl.
I had come across this tour online, and Michael and I instantly agreed to do it.
Seattle is basically the American birthplace of coffee, so we knew the tour would be good.
 ^^ Outfit picture waiting for the tour to start
Our tour guide began the tour by asking each of us what kind of coffee drinkers we are, 
just to get an idea of her audience.
Then we were off to the first stop on the tour, Caffe Ladro.
He we tried a different kind of coffee than I have ever had.
It was a more juicy, tea-like blend of coffee.
Michael didn't really like it, but I thought it was okay.
Definitely not the best on the tour though.
The next stop was probably the best stop on the tour.
Caffe Darte.
*The funniest thing happened on the way to this stop. 
Our tour guide stopped to tell us a story about the Hard Rock Cafe, and a homeless man walked up.
I might add that he walked up right beside Michael.
The odor coming from him was enough to knock me over.
He started talking about who knows what, and tried to get Michael to "give him some skin"
Next thing I know he is calling Michael "Brad Pitt" and giving him some pats on the cheek.
He then turned to me and said something about Alicia Keys and Beyonce.
I was too busy stifling my laughter to respond. 
We finally started walking again, and I was cracking up.
Our tour guide turned to Michael, who was still in a state of shock, and asked "You okay?"
He said he was fine, but then he looked at me and said, "He touched me"
It was completely hilarious.
I laughed for at least 3 blocks.
So, so funny!
 Back to Caffe Darte.
There coffee blends were the best that I tasted all day.
We even got a latte art demonstration!
It was so neat.
Our tour guide told us that this would be the best latte of our life,
and she was right!
It was so delicious!
Moving on with the tour, our next stop was for some biscuits at Caffe Lieto.
 We only got a small sample, but the biscuits were good!
The next stop of the tour was Trabant Coffee and Chai.
Here we got to watch an interesting method of brewing, can't remember the name, but at the end it produced this coffee cake that was completely dry grounds.
The coffee was pretty good, but the second drink was amazing.
It was called the BruPaul, and was a combination of coffee and lemonade.
I have never used the word refreshing to describe a coffee drink, but this was refreshing.
The last stop of the tour was Intrigue Coffee Co, for some chocolate and coffee pairings.
This guy is what I would call a chocolate engineer.
He makes these delicious truffles, that have the most interesting flavors and seasonings.
My favorite was the Basil.
So, so good!
We also had his cold brew coffee, which has quickly become my favorite!
This was an excellent tour that we would reccommend to anyone who travels to Seattle.
Be warned though, you will walk alot, and you will feel a little jittery!

We ate a quick lunch and then we were off to our next tour:
Century Link Stadium
This guy was so excited.
He has been looking forward to this for at least a month now.
And, we have decided to make this Michael's thing, and we will tour as many NFL stadiums as we can in our lives as we travel together.
 It was a pretty good tour, and it was neat to hear about the Seattle 12th Man.
The stadium is really beautiful too, especially with the view!
Unfortunately, someone bought the land behind the stadium and is currently building a skyscraper,
which will cover that famous Seattle skyline.
Michael was excited that we got to walk on the field,
and that we got to have our own little press conference,
but he was most excited when a random guy told us we could go in the home locker room.
Apparently, this is something that never happens on the tour, and we were told that we were very lucky they let us in.
*Michael was pretty disappointed when he found out that our tour guide (who has worked there many years) has never met a player.
Michael was just sure he was going to meet a player.
The tour was still great, even without the players.

By this point in the day, I was completely worn out and tired of walking.
Seattle has a pretty good public transportation system, but it is hard to get to and out of the way.
We stopped by to pick up our rental car on the way back to our hotel, a
and then I got some much needed nap time.
Our reservation was not until 8:45 so we had plenty of time to rest and get ready for dinner at the Space Needle.
We decided to take a taxi to dinner, because it was kind of raining, and I was wearing heels.
^^ This was the only rain we saw in Seattle
We had a few minutes on the observation deck, and then it was time for dinner.
We had such a wonderful experience at the Sky City restaurant.
First, weeks ago, I signed up for the Celebration Club.
It is completely free, and as soon as I signed up they emailed me a coupon for free dessert.
A week before our visit, they emailed me a coupon for a free entree to celebrate our anniversary.
This coupon was good all month, so we decided to use it.
We would have eaten here regardless, but having the coupon made it a much easier decision.
Besides the price - the food, the service, and the view were amazing!
^^ Michael had tuna. I had sirloin and lobster tail.
It was so good!!
We even got the smoking dessert - the Lunar Orbiter.
The restaurant also had a complementary photographer that came to our table.
After dinner we went down to the gift shop, gave them our photo numbers and our email, 
and they sent them to us for free!
It was the perfect place to celebrate our 5th Anniversary!

It was a long day, but so much fun to see so much of Seattle.
We completely fell in love with the city and all it has to offer!


  1. Just FYI, Michael.... the home locker room at the Cowboys Stadium is pretty standard for the tour.... so you won't have to worry about not getting that perk in Dallas! :)

    1. He will be so excited about that fact, and is probably already planning a trip to Dallas!

  2. Wow! I thought this when I read yesterday's blog, but today I actually feel tired after reading all that you did in ONE DAY! Glad you had fun, and thanks for sharing all the pictures.

    1. We were SO tired! Especially me! All I wanted was a hot bath, but our hotel only had showers :( It was a good kind of exhausted though! We had such a great trip!


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