Monday, August 19, 2013

Johns Take Seattle

I can't believe that last week this time we were on our way to Seattle. 
It was the most perfect way to celebrate our 5th Anniversary.
As with any trip, not every moment was perfect, and I'm sure I'll talk about those as well,
but it was so nice to get out of town, out of the suffocating weather, 
and to just spend time with my guy.
One of the not so great moments happened on the way to the airport when my phone crashed.
I had been having some problems with it, but didn't have time to get to the Genius Bar,
but luckily I brought my laptop with me so I could restore it. 
Next thing I know, I am wrist-banded and looking out on Mount Rainier.
When we landed, we took the Light Link Rail to the end of the line, downtown Seattle.
It took less than 10 minutes on the train to convince me that we should move.
It was so beautiful.
Mountains, water, and so many shades of green.
It was absolutely beautiful!
After getting to the train station we had to walk about 6 blocks to our hotel.
It was an interesting journey since we were dodging cars, bikes, and other pedestrians while dragging our luggage, but we were so happy when we made it.
We booked our trip through Expedia, and chose to stay at Hotel Five.
It seemed to be a fairly new hotel, with lots of modern touches.
Their motto is "Pineapple Hospitality" which means offered several complementary services.
1 - Free bicycles to rent and ride around town.
2 - Pineapple cupcakes each afternoon
3 - A free shuttle to downtown attractions
4 - A big yellow umbrella, just in case
Our room was small, but nice enough complete with our own Keurig machine.
After getting settled and freshening up, we headed out to dinner.
Michael found a pizza place on Yelp, Serious Pie, and we decided to try it. 
We could smell the delicious pizza as soon as we walked in the door, and we found out when we got to our table that it is a cafe-style restaurant.
Meaning we shared a table with 6 strangers. 
It was a little awkward.
Especially because Michael and I were across from each other, so it felt like everyone was listening to us talk. 
We ended up talking to the older couple next to us, and hit it off really easily.
They are touring the Pacific Northwest from Arizona. 
They told us all about their kids and grand kids, and they were just the sweetest people!
As for the food, it was only okay.
We were adventurous with our drinks, mine being a clementine soda and delicious, Michael's a strawberry lemonade with vinegar and not so delicious.
The pizza was good, and the root beer float was amazing!
After saying goodbye to our new friends, we walked down to the water front.
This was our first view of the water. Please notice the insane hill we had to go down to get there.
I learned this week that Seattle has lots of hills. 
  More on that later though. 
Aside from the congregating homeless people, the park at the bottom of this street was beautiful.
^^ There are hanging plants on most of the street lights.
And the view of the pier is incredible!
One of the things I was most looking forward to was riding the Seattle Great Wheel.
Its a gigantic ferris wheel, that provides a great view of Seattle. 
^^ I ended up being much more terrified than I had anticipated, but when we finished I was so glad I had faced my fears.
We got there at the perfect time, right as the sun was going down and it was breathtaking.
It was the perfect first day of our vacation, and I am so glad that I had this guy all to myself for the entire week!!

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