Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Day in the Market...and other Seattle Attractions

The great thing about traveling on the West coast is that when you sleep in until 10:00,
its really only 8:00!
I love it! Cause I love to sleep in!
Tuesday started with a short walk to the Pike Place Market.
We decided to stop at one of the many Starbucks for breakfast on the way.
(When in Rome!)
I am not a fan of Starbucks here in Texas,
but this Starbucks was amazing!!
The protein box was good, the cheese danish was good, and the iced latte was delicious!
 After breakfast it was time for the famous Pike Place Market!
The market had so much to look at and explore.
Fresh fruit and vegetables (along with free samples)
Every kind of fish/seafood imaginable.
There was even an entire stand dedicated solely to pastas!
My favorite was the flower stands
They had the most beautiful flowers, and I wanted them all!
These were $1 each.
Such a steal!
We had so much fun walking the booths, and admiring all the different crafts.
Michael even bought me a pretty sunflower.
After touring the market all morning, we decided to take one of the ferry boats.
I bought tickets to Bremerton, but the ticket man told me we should go to Bainbridge, so we did.
It was a beautiful 30 minute ride to the island, and we enjoyed every minute.
We had the city on one side, Mount Rainier on another, and beautiful sparkling water all around.
^^ He's the king of the world!
Once on the island, we walked in to town where there were lots of cute cafes and shops.
Michael's favorite was the Bon Bon Candy Store.
They had every kind of candy you can imagine, even these favorites of mine!
We ended up walking the entire island looking for a restaurant, 
and by the time we found one, there was 30 minute wait. 
It gave us plenty of time to take pictures with all the pretty boats lined up on the water though.
Michael really wanted to go to the Seattle Aquarium, so we headed back to the main land.
I have to be honest and say this was the worst aquarium I've ever been to.
Granted, I've only been to two, but this was bad.
I mean, this fish didn't even have an eye!!
^^ All the high points of the aquarium.
Not much to see here folks.
While we were down by the market we decided to leave our mark on the Gum Wall.
 My pictures don't even show how much gum there was.
It covered at least 50 yards of wall space.
It was pretty gross, but mostly just awesome!
Our last item on the itinerary was the Chihuly Glass and Garden.
We walked back up to the Westlake Station and took the Monorail over to the Space Needle.
By this time, I was growing weary of walking.
Seattle is a great city, but so many of the streets are hills, and they are made out of cobblestones.
It is not nice on the feet.
Especially when you're wearing low heels/no support flats.
^^ The first thing we saw when we walked out of the station were some Star Wars Bros.
Next stop, the Chihuly museum!
This was #1 on my list of Seattle To-Dos.
Bonus: Our ticket got us a free re-entry once it got dark to see the garden lit up.
I was completely amazed by this museum.
I the time and skill that went in to each piece is astounding. 
I can't even comprehend how Chihuly thought of them!

IMG 2269 from Brittany Johns on Vimeo.
^^ We found a nice photographer that was willing to take some great photos of us!
After touring the garden in the daylight, we walked across the street to a sports restaurant.
Two things about this restaurant:
1) They have the best chilli I have ever eaten!
and 2) It is in the bottom floor of a news station building, and after watching the pilot episode of Grey's Anatomy, I am completely certain that this is the building where the helicopter lands.
So, I basically ate in the Grey's hospital!
Unfortunately, there were no cast members present.
After dinner we went back to the garden and we ran into the sweet couple from Serious Pie!
^^ The garden was incredible all lit up.
It was a long day, with lots of walking, but we loved every minute.
Seattle has so much to see and do, and we were so glad that we crammed as much as possible into each day that we were there.
We even had perfect weather! 
Not a cloud in the sky all day, and the temperatures were in the 80s.
Couldn't have asked for better!

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