Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Back to School Party

We had our first combined Youth Group and Village Kids event this past weekend.
A Back to School Party.
The Village Kids are our elementary school kids at church.
We have had 'family events' before, but not specifically for these two groups.
There were around 60 people at the party.
There was a great devotional by one of the dads in the group.
There were lots of kids swimming, and playing games.
And lots of adults cooking out burgers and talking.
It was a great night!
I may have said this before: I absolutely love the youth kids.
But it is also nice when there are other adults around for me to talk to at the events.
 We only had a little bit of thunder that made the kids get out of the pool
(which was blamed on me and my "let it rain - Seattle" shirt)
Other than that, it was a wonderful night with our Christian family!

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