Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Postcard Party

Before we went on our trip to the Northwest I found a great idea on Pinterest.
Someone had captioned the photo before I found it, and I loved the idea.
I would give the original blog credit, but the idea is no where on the blog, so I will just credit the genius who pinned it first.
I was determined to do this while we were on our trip.
The first day we were in Seattle I bought some postcards, addressed them to our home address, and each night I would write out the things we did that day.
Okay, I wrote 3 of them the last day right before leaving our hotel, but I got them done, so it still counts.
Our hotel was so nice and provided the ability for me to buy postage and mail them.
I'll admit, it was a little weird to send 5 postcards to myself,
which is why I only wrote my last name, just in case the hotel staff looked at the address.
Once we got home, I could not wait for them to arrive!
2 of them arrived one day, the other 3 the next. 
It was so fun to read them and have a summary of each day from our trip!
It also helped me to remember some details when blogging later.
It is an easy, creative, and inexpensive way for anyone to document their vacation.
I plan to do this for every trip we go on in the future!

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  1. We have done this since our honeymoon! However, to save postage and extra space to write on the cards, I write up our daily activities and pack them away in our suitcase. It's still so fun to unpack the suitcase once at home and read through them. It's extra fun to find them tucked away in a drawer a few months or couple years later and read through them!


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