Friday, August 23, 2013

Eating Away Our Last Day

Our last day in Seattle we had halfway planned to go to Deception Pass,
but when we found out it was over an hour out of Seattle, we nixed that plan and decided to spend another day at the Pike Place Market.
After checking out of our hotel, we took the courtesy shuttle to the market.
Yes, our hotel had a courtesy shuttle.
No, we didn't know about it until halfway through our trip.
And yes, I used it for all it was worth once I found out it existed.
Michael's first stop at the market was the bathroom (surprise)
and mine was the flowers (even bigger surprise)
While I was looking at the flowers, I smelled the most delicious thing.
As I walked towards it, I discovered it was a window full of chicken skewers.
Michael and I shared a spicy chicken one and it was SO GOOD!
Next, we walked down the market to a French Bakery and bought some macaroons.
Also, SO GOOD!
Last stop on the market, the original Starbucks.
 *We were actually told on our coffee tour that this isn't really the first Starbucks.
There were a few other stores in different locations, but Howard Schultz wanted a store in the Pike Place Market.
Unfortunately, the market only allows 'first stores'.
Howard Schultz would not be swayed though, and so he proceeded to close all of his other stores,
and then opened the one in the Pike Place Market.
 The line was long, but it went pretty fast.
And we got a sweet mug for our troubles (and our money)
 After doing a little more shopping, we walked down to the pier for some lunch.
We got the best seat in the restaurant, and the view was incredible!
^^ My fish and chips
That's right, I said my fish and chips.
This is a big deal because I do not eat fish. 
Until that lobster tail the other night, but fish in Seattle is much different than the fish I have been exposed to in the past.
It is fresh. It is tender. It is delicious.
After lunch we did a little more shopping around the market.
We found a great map store, and the cutest little umbrella store.
 And that concludes are vacation to the Pacific Northwest.
We feel so blessed to be able to take a trip like this together.
To have time off work, to see a new piece of the world, to eat different foods, and meet new people.
Yes, we got tired, hungry, cranky, etc.
But most of the time we just had fun with each other.
I'm so thankful to be able to explore the world with my favorite guy,
and am looking forward to many more adventures!

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