Thursday, August 22, 2013

Keep Portland Weird

Thursday started bright and early with a drive in the rain to Portland.
We got up at 6:00am to hit the road, and before we know it, we're getting pulled over.
Michael decided to continue his pattern of getting a ticket each time he drives a rental - oops!
Once we were back on the road, we were just a quick nap away from Oregon! 
Well, I took a nap. 
Michael had to drive for 3 hours.
We planned on taking the little trip over to Multnomah Falls.
Unfortunately, Siri didn't understand that we would want to take the easiest route,
so she took us down all the winding roads through the mountains.
I thought it was pretty great,
Michael was a little stressed out. 
We were both happy to make it there, and it was worth the drive!
After the morning at Multnomah, we took the freeway over to Portland.
Our first stop: Food Trucks!
I chose the Grilled Cheese one.
^^ Not the best grilled cheese I've had, I'll be honest.
After lunch, we spent some time walking around downtown Portland.
We went to the famous Powell's Bookstore.
The bookstore that is so gigantic they need a color-coded map just to keep things organized.
Next stop: Voodoo Doughnuts!!!
I am have been looking forward to these doughnuts for so long.
I can't even remember the first time I saw the little Voodoo man on the food channel,
but ever since then, I have been craving one!
We did have to wait in a little bit of a line, but only for about 20 minutes.
Completely worth it!
*Heart-Check for the day:
While we were standing in line here waiting for doughnuts, there was another long line about a block down the street. 
This line wasn't for doughnuts though.
This line was at the door of a soup kitchen, where several homeless people were waiting to get a meal.
It made my heart so much.
There were so many flavors to choose from!
Obviously we were going to get the Voodoo Man and the Maple Bacon Bar.
Michael wanted Bavarian Cream, and from there it was a toss up.
The best ones according to me:
Bacon Maple Bar
Rice Krispies with Peanut Butter and Chocolate (The No Name)
Voodoo Doll
Original Glaze
But all the others were excellent too!
Once we had our fill of donuts and coffee, we decided to walk around and see some City Wall Art.
^^ How mad was I that I bus was parked in front of this wall?
Also, this motto is working! And working well!
^^ Wall art describing my life
Our last stop in Portland was the Japanese Garden.
The garden was incredibly beautiful.
There were so many different shades of green, and it was arranged perfectly.
It wasn't all I expected though.
I expected it to be more of a park, and less of a museum.
I expected to be able to sit on a bench and read under a tree.
Specifically, I expected to sit under the famous Japanese Maple in the garden to read my book.
I spent all afternoon search the garden for the maple.
This is what it looks like in most pictures of it.
Doesn't it look so nice and big from this angle?
A perfect tree to sit under and read?
Well, not so much from this angle.
Its pretty tiny.
I honestly don't even think I could fit under the tree to read.
It was very anti-climatic.
And disappointing to say the least.
We decided to go from there over to the rose test garden across the street.
There were rows and rows of beautiful roses.
Single, double, and triple color roses.
Once we had seen all there was to see, we started to look for something to eat.
We ended up deciding to start the drive back to Seattle to find something to eat,
and we stopped at a place in Vancouver.
We ate pizza, it was delicious, and we sang 90s music all the way home.
It was great!
We were exhausted, and so happy to sleep in the next day!

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