Monday, November 26, 2012

Its November 26th and it was 87 degrees outside today

We are home.
The house is decorated. (Photos soon!)
And I am back to work...wishing I was still on break.
Unfortunately, my brain thought it was still on break, and I really struggled through the Monday.
But I am here, and I am blogging. 
Day 21: I am thankful for my nephew, and my nieces.
We don't get much time with them, but we treasure every minute that we do have.
Michael is the fun one, so they usually choose him, but once those girls get a little older, I know they will change their mind every now and then.
Favorite Quote from this week:
After asking Oliver his favorite color (red and blue) he said he could guess mine.
He guessed pink and purple (got it!) and when I asked how he knew he said,
"Because I like you!"
Melt my heart...

Day 22: I'm for time with my extended family!
It has been 4 years since Michael and I got to spend Thanksgiving with my family.
Well, with my family in Oklahoma. 
Which includes my grandparents, my uncle, our close friends that are pretty much family, and whoever else wants to join us.
There is lots of food, way too much football, and we usually end the day with games.
It is perfect, and I'm so happy that I was able to spend the day with everyone.

Day 23: I'm thankful for the being able to spend the day decorating with my mom.
Granted, I didn't do much, but she let me pretend that I was being helpful.
I mostly just watched movies, and took naps.
Here is one wall of her decorations.
*I wrapped that Santa picture on the far left...and hug the Believe sign.
That was my contribution.*

Day 24: I'm thankful for a husband who drives the entire 8.5 hours from Enid to Houston.
I got to sleep a lot, and snuggle with my pup, and it was great!
I'm also thankful for a Sooner win in the Bedlam game!!

Day 25: I'm thankful for my family-in-law.
I'm thankful for the way they have welcomed me into the family, 
the way that Michael's parents treat like their own daughter, and mostly I'm thankful 
for the wonderful man they raised their son to be. He would not be him without them, so I am forever thankful!

Day 26: I'm thankful for my beautiful Christmas tree!!
It was a gift from Michael's parents when we got married and I am obsessed with it!
I get a little worried that the lights won't turn on every year when we get it out, 
but it still works, and it still looks perfect!
Michael is really happy that you can see it through the window this year too!


  1. And I am thankful for you and Michael and that you CHOOSE to spend time with us. I know it's a lot of driving, lots of time and money, but I appreciate the effort you put into staying involved in our lives. It's always great to see you and sad when you leave, but we will get to see you more these next few months with showers, Christmas, and family weddings. Plus, you did wrap some other pictures too! Love, Mom

  2. So many thoughts on this post!

    1) I struggled with Monday too! Must be something that happens after a long(ish) break from work
    2) The girls (and probably Oliver) will definitely choose you some! And really they do now lol.. I understand though, I'm not fun either. I mean really, you're the fun Aunt of the two of us! Haha
    3) Still love the Oliver quote! So presh!
    4) Literally laughed out loud when you said "but she did let me pretend that I was being helpful. I mostly just watched movies, and took naps." Hahaha. Because that's not helpful at all lol.
    5) I LOVE that you can see your tree through your window!! I've always loved houses like that. Looks great!

    So glad we got to see you guys! Love you!!


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