Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hearts for God

Day 4: Today I am thankful for the church where God has placed us,
specifically the youth group.
If I'm not at work in the evenings, I am usually with these kids.
They never cease to amaze me with their desire to learn more.
They come to Bible Study with questions, and dig to find answers, organize outreach events, and put together their own youth events.
We are so blessed by them, in more ways than I could count.
Tonight we had almost 40 kids at our youth devotional,
and at least 5 of them were visitors. 
Love. Them.


  1. That last pic warms my heart to no end. You guys are rock stars. ;) -bro. boz

  2. Me too Brother Boz!! I just love watching him touch the lives of these kids!! Thanks for your wonderful encouragement!


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