Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cuddle Bug, Cul-de-sacs, Cakes, and Cards

Day 12: I am so thankful for my little pup, Buster.
I mean, look at those eyes. How can you not love him?
I love when I don't have to go to work until later in the day, because Buster loves to snuggle while I drink my coffee. 
I'm aware he is just a dog, but I am obsessed with him, and so thankful we found him 2 years ago.
Even Hobby Lobby thinks he's cute.

Day 13: I'm so thankful for the home that we live in, and that we are able to open it up to the youth group every week for Bible Study.
We have lived here for about a year and a half now, and we absolutely love it.
The house is well taken care of, but the neighborhood is even better.
It is old, and cozy, and full of huge trees. 
We love everything about it.
And we love that the kids love coming here.
*Even if it means Michael will show them awkward photos and tell embarrassing stories about me.

Day 14: Today I am thankful for my coworkers at the counseling center.
They are always so encouraging and uplifting, and always there to help if I have questions.
Today they made me feel extra special as they celebrated my birthday.
The inside of the card was even better than the outside.
I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful work environment. 
It makes going to work every day easy and enjoyable.

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