Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer Youth Summary

Summer is coming to a close.
Soon the youth kids will be back in school, 
and Michael will be back to a (somewhat) normal schedule.
I will be honest, summer is not my favorite.
I love spending pretty much every day with the kids, and going on all the trips,
and other events with the group,
but I really prefer the consistency of the school year. 
This has been a great summer though!
Here are a few of the highlights:
We served at Impact Church of Christ.
Our group just loves spending the week with these kids!
We had VBS at our church
Without our youth group, this VBS would not have happened.
They showed servant hearts and a genuine love for kids this week.
We spent a week at Foster's Home for Chidren,
where we all fell completely in love with the kids, and everyone at the home.
We are counting down the days until we go back next June.
 We went on a few factory tours.
Dr Pepper Museum wasn't that cool.
 The Blue Bell Factory more than made up for it though
 We spent a day at Sky High - a trampoline gym.
Yes, that is Michael! 
He had a blast.
These were just our big events of the summer.
We had so many other things on the calendar: service days, bible studies, devotionals, 
swim parties, and camp.
 It has been a great summer.
A summer of growing closer together, and most importantly, growing closer to our Lord.
I have been blessed by these teens, and I can't wait to see how God uses them in this school year.

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