Thursday, August 30, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

- Having minor panic attacks every time a school friend posts a status about going back to class. It is really weird for me to not be there. I am loving not having classes this semester - but it is weird.

- Never realizing how much of the psycho babble I use has to do with visual terms. That is, until I have a client who is blind, and then it makes almost every minute extremely awkward. 

- Encouraging a client to yell the same statement each time specific thoughts and memories come up - meaning to yell it when he is at home, in his car, etc - and having him start yelling in the session. With all the rooms was awkward, but also totally awesome!

-  Some of the things people pin on Pinterest are just awkward. Like that weird chicken, green bean, potato thing. Who would eat that?? Who would want to eat that?? Just look at the picture, and stop pinning nasty/weird/awkward things.

- 5-day weekends!! That is what I will be experiencing after today and I could not be more excited.

- Getting to spend most of that weekend with these precious girls!
- This weekend also means the start of Sooner Football!! I'm just happy we won't have to pick a smoke-filled sports bar to watch the game in since we will be in Oklahoma where they broadcast the games.

- Getting to spend the weekend at a marriage retreat as one of the on-site counselors. Even if they did spell my name wrong (awkward)

- We have a dining table!! Well, for the next 18 months. It is Claire's, and we are storing it for her.
It looks great though, and the room is finally not completely empty.

Happy long weekend!!


  1. Love the dining room set! It looks great n your dining room. Now you need a tablecloth/Christmas tablecloth. Have fun in Tulsa this weekend and give our love to Michael's family. We will be in OKC with Bailey and Jon and we get to see their future home!

  2. Okay, this cracks me up because I have MADE the weird chicken/green bean/potato thing. Twice! AND taken it to someone who had a baby! Chris LOVES it! The girls like it. It really is good. You should TRY it. ;)


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