Saturday, August 18, 2012

Family Night

It is very rare that Michael and I have a Friday night free.
It is even more rare that we have nothing to do all day on Saturday.
But this weekend, the stars aligned, and we had two full days all to ourselves.
So last night we went out to the drive-in.
The best part about watching movies here is that we can bring this guy along.
And boy, was he excited!
We spread out our blankets and pillows in the back of the pilot,
had movie snacks, and puppy snacks,
and watched The Bourne Legacy.
We had planned to stay for the second movie too, but a fight broke out over a parking spot a few cars down from us, and we just didn't want to stay for that.
Plus, it was a little warm outside - even at 11:00pm.
Gotta love Houston in August.
And every other month really.
We will probably be waiting a month or two before we go again. 
Maybe by then it will be a little bit cooler. 
Hope your weekends are fun and relaxing!

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