Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Getting Organized

Graduate school has done a few things to me.
It has made me a complete perfectionist.
Any grade below a 92 might as well be an F
It has made me even more of a procrastinator.
Who even knew that was possible?
I don't even want to talk about how bad it is to combine these!
It has also made me extremely organized.
Every document for work fits neatly into page covers, which go neatly into divided sections, all enclosed in my neat little binder. 
The extreme organization has even followed me out of the office.
This week I made a calendar of our meals.
I even organized the groceries that we would need for each meal.
Just like I have been in a rut clothing-wise, I have also been in a cooking rut.
When the time came to cook dinner, all I could think of to make was pasta.
I'm a lover of Italian, but even I can't eat pasta for every meal.
Okay, we did have some frozen pizza too.
So, I went through my recipes and cookbooks, and made a schedule.
It instantly made me feel better about life.
I work late on Mondays and Thursdays, so I had to plan something easy on those nights
that Michael would be able to handle.
Not easy, just with clear instructions. 
So far so good too.
We had homemade pizzas and they were delicious!
Plus they made TONS of leftovers.
We have almost made it an entire week without eating out.
And that's a new record for us.

Does anyone else use a meal calendar??
Any good/quick/easy meals that I should try?
I would love any advice you have to offer.


  1. You are amazing! I love it that you are so organized. Now to work on that procrastination issue (although it may be impossible to overcome as it is such a strong Baird trait:))

  2. We do something similar to this.. Makes it sooo much easier! I like how yours is together on a calendar though, I might have to steal that. Ours is separate.

  3. I just showed this to Jon and he said "I just figured out how your sister is so skinny.. She only eats three times a week!" Hahaha... What a dork.

  4. Thanks Mom! I think the procrastination is here to stay though.
    Sister, I literally laughed out loud at Jon's comment!! Haha! We only have meals planned 3-4 nights a week because those are the only nights that we know we will be home. We do eat on the other days, it is just usually leftovers or something simple. I can send you my template if you would like. Or, you can just use the one of Word.

  5. Hahaha! I told him it was probably just nights you would be home. It was really funny when he said it though. I'll try to find the one in Word and if I can't, I might have you send it to me! Thanks!


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