Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tea Time

Typically, wedding season goes right along with Summer.
However, it seems that I am in the middle of wedding season right now,
and I am loving it.
Yesterday I got to go to a tea party celebrating my friend Meagan's engagement.
Her family goes to our church and she is one of my newest and best friends.
I felt so honored to be invited to her engagement party.
And am so thankful for the beautiful friend and support that she is to me. 
Meagan and I at the party
Her grandmothers threw her the engagement tea and it was pretty much the most adorable party I have ever been to!
So much fun.
So many laughs.
(My cheeks were killing me from smiling so much.)
And so much love for Meagan from so many wonderful women.
Hats weren't mandatory, but encouraged, and it made the party so fancy.
Beautiful Bride-to-be
Best Friend Sarah (Sawah)
The girls at our table
Tell me that isn't the cutest ever!
Such ladies
So blessed by these girls!
He Loves Me - He Loves Me Not
I had such a great time at the party, and am so glad that Meagan and I have become such good friends in the short time we've known each other.
I am continually amazed at the way that God blesses me with such incredible women to lean on, share with, laugh with, and surround myself with. 
He knows just what I need and is always there to provide!
Thanks for including me in such a special occasion Meagan!!
Love you so much!

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