Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I Made It

I made it through the first week of October!
Hallelujah, that's over!
Now I can breath a live life for a couple weeks.
Unfortunately, Michael and I have already found the way to occupy all of our free time.
Thank you Netflix for giving us access to another show series we don't really need to watch.
Its called Prison Break.
 It is so good.
So suspenseful.
A little far fetched.
But so great!
I love it because Michael and I finally have a show to watch together.
Believe it or not, he was not a fan of Secret Life, or Mad Men, or Beautiful People, pretty much anything else I have watched on Netflix.
He loves this though.
But really, these brothers are incredible.
There's a little romance (not enough in my opinion but what can you expect when its a show about convicts)
And there is some crazy artwork.
Watch it.
You won't regret it.
And I'll try to have a little more of a life now that I'm free from presentations.

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