Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fridays are my Favorites

I realize that it is not Friday. 
I'm not that crazy...yet.
I'm just a few days behind in my blog posts.
I love Fridays. 
Who doesn't?
Speaking everyone over Rebecca Black?
I still love it.
And occasionally play the song on youtube.
I have finally gotten to the point that I don't instantly start singing it every time someone says the word "Friday" though.
So that's progress.

Anyway, Michael and I both had the entire day with nothing to do last Friday and it was the best day.
We went grocery shopping.
Lunch at Wendy's (best fast food burger place, ever! I will debate anyone who disagrees)
And then I spent the rest of the day with this book.
If you don't already have this should go right now and get it.
Its amazing!
I had already planned on making her pan-fried pork chops and macaroni and cheese (per Michael's request) but I was bored and wanted a cake, so I made her chocolate sheet cake.
So easy!
So delicious!
After we both ate a piece I realized just how much cake it was and took the rest to the youth devotional on Sunday.
It would have taken us 2 weeks to eat the entire cake.
It took the youth group about 2 minutes.
Here is the rest of the meal.
Home cooking at its best!
All the recipes (minus the rolls) can be found on her website.
 The best thing about (most) of her recipes is that all the ingredients are things you already have in your pantry.
Makes cooking so much easier!

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