Friday, October 14, 2011

Me and My Dog

I was just talking with some friends about our dogs and I realized that I haven't posted about Buster in a long time.
He's still here.
Living life, and being super spoiled all the time.
Here he is when we first got him, over a year ago.
Back in the day when his name was Koodle.
(Michael hated him, if
 Buster loves to sleep on big piles.
Anything soft and tall.
 He loves to ride in the car. 
Or drive, whichever. (I promise the car was parked and turned off)
 He's really good on long road trips
and sometimes likes to cuddle.
(Car may not have been parked and turned off for this one)
 He is super cute after a hair cut!
We absolutely love him and couldn't have asked for a better dog.
Other perks:
- He doesn't shed
- He was house trained when we adopted him
What more can you ask for?
Happy Friday!
We're going on a walk now.


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