Thursday, January 16, 2014

Wishing Upon Stars

Since we were already in Florida for the conference, 
we decided to take a little trip over to Disney World.
Two years ago when NCYM was in the conference Daytona, we went to Universal Studios, specifically Harry Potter World.
This time we chose Magic Kingdom.
I can't even explain how excited I was the night before.
I found this incredible blog on Pinterest, which details an amazing Disney trip, and it was pretty difficult to get any sleep.
*If you are going to Disney anytime in the near future, read her blog!
She has everything you need to know!
Unfortunately due to the fact that we were in Daytona, we did not get to 'open the park'.
We had some super sweet friends that let us bum a ride to Orlando,
which saved us about $150 or more, and made me more okay with getting there a little late.
^^Plus, you can't help but be happy when you see this sign!
I have to give credit to Disney for having the most organized parking lot I have ever seen.
It was an anxious driver's dream come true.
We took a shuttle to the monorail, and then we were at the park!
Of course, our first stop was Starbucks.
Yes, they have a Starbucks at Magic Kingdom, and Michael found it.
When we finally left the coffee shop, we walked out to be greeted by this guy.
We were already 2 hours behind schedule, so we did not watch the whole parade.
Instead we basically ran to the back of the park and found our first ride.
That's ride.
Side Note: The ride broke down when we next in line and we had to wait an extra 10 minutes.
This became the trend for the rest of the day.
^^ Our little Dumbo served us well though.
Isn't he cute??
From there we made our way through the rest of Fantasyland including (my favorite)
The Little Mermaid ride
The Peter Pan ride - we waited for over an hour, and the ride stopped, while we were on it.
Its a Small World
 And then we found Gaston!!
He had a short line, and he happened to be right next to a bathroom so we stopped to say hi.
^^ He was quite proud of his muscles, and actually they felt real.
He then told me that they were much bigger than the ring I was wearing.
Obviously he was not too fond of Michael.
From here we raced over to Frontierland to get a fast pass for one of the rides there.
I can't say how disappointed I was to find out that they close Splash Mountain for the winter.
That was my all time favorite ride when I went with my family - and it was closed.
We got the fast pass for Thunder Mountain, and too a break to eat lunch.
I was probably just hungry, but that was the best BBQ sandwich I've ever had.
Disney is so perfect, at everything!
After lunch began the time of us going back and forth across the park in race mode.
There is always time for a castle picture though.

First, it was all the way to Tommorrowland.
We were headed to Space Mountain, but saw that the line was short for the Monster's Inc Laugh Floor, so we stopped there first.
During the 'show' they video people in the audience for the Monster's to talk to.
And we got on camera!!
Michael and I were sitting really close to each other because a family squeezed in our row,
and the monster's said we were a two-headed human!
Then Michael said a lot of really weird stuff, the monster's got confused, and I was embarrassed.
Next up, Space Mountain.
The wait time said 35 minutes, so instead of the fast pass we got in line.
By the time we got on the ride the wait time had changed to 55 minutes (I had the Disney app)
55 minutes is a long time to think about getting on a rollercoaster.
I was nervous!
We made it though, and it was actually kind of fun!
We were cutting it close to our time for Thunder Mountain, so we ran to the Buzz Lightyear ride, got a fast pass, and then hiked it across the park again.
Did we stop for another castle picture?
Did we con a nice family to take this picture for us.
Yes. Its called, be nice to a family in need by taking there picture, than force them to return the favor!
Works like a charm.
Also, somewhere in this day we bought mouse ears.
I was so happy!
We made it to Thunder Mountain, and by the time we got off, it was time for our Buzz Lightyear ride.
So we ran all the way across the park again.
^^One last picture of the mice with their castle.
^^Michael was super excited about this ride!
I gave him a run for his money and almost beat his score, but didn't.
Then, we went all the way across the park one last time to get to the Haunted Mansion.
And what do you know, the castle looked different again, so I took a picture.
We spent the rest of the evening eating Nutella waffles and shopping for souvenirs.
I was pretty sad to find out that there was no parade that night, but at least Mickey sent us off with fireworks.
^^I had the best time running all over the park with this guy.
We were completely exhausted at the end of the day, but it was so much fun to just be kids together.
As for the trek back to our car...well I just don't want to talk about that.
There were so. many. people.
It was the perfect day though!

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