Thursday, January 23, 2014

Which Character Are You??

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've seen the Zimbio quizzes spreading around facebook like wildfire.
Which Disney Princess are you?
Which Star Wars character are you?
I can't remember which one drew me in, but once I started I couldn't stop.
I must say, I am pretty happy with my results:
^^Who doesn't want to be the Queen Bee?
"People fear you, but you kind of like it that way" is my favorite (and possibly most true) line.
 ^^I don't mind this one I guess.
Besides the character, this description probably fits me the best out of them all.
^^Umm, YES!
I've been wishing I was Hermione since I was in the 7th Grade.
I can't decide if I like the first line or the last line best!
^^I might have cheered out loud when I got this one.
Yes, sometimes I'm more of a Christina, but in my heart I want to be Meredith.
I mean, she got McDreamy!

Want to take some quizzes for yourself?
Click here.
Its quick, easy and worth the time.
Except the Disney Princess one...I got Mulan.
Is she even a Princess??

*All questions on my quizzes were answered truthfully.
Each quiz was only taken once.
 And yes, this is what I do with my time...judge away.

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